LTI is based on ten component Tokens

The Layer 2 Index, in collaboration with Honeyswap on the xDai chain now is providing liquidity for the Sushiswap dex through the SushiMaker.sol smart contract:

// SushiMaker is MasterChef’s left hand and kinda a wizard. He can cook up Sushi from pretty much anything! // This contract handles “serving up” rewards for xSushi holders by trading tokens collected from fees for Sushi.

Based on initial interest in LTI on the xDAI chain, Sushiswap has recently entered the Honeyswap LPs for HNY-LTI, and LTI-wxDai with their SushiMaker.sol smart contract. These LPs are now collecting fees for xSushi token holders!

The LTI token is a TokenSet basket of tokens, that represent projects using L2 scaling solutions for Ethereum. LTI is traded currently on Uniswap, and Honeyswap.

Please refer to these addresses currently available on both ethereum and xDai chain: